Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use any butane fuel or must it be Airlighter Fuel?

To ensure that your Airlighter is long lasting, we highly recommend using Bison’s Airlighter Fuel as it is made for the Airlighter. It has been ultra filtered and has been tested not to clog the microscopic jets inside the fuel line. However, as long as you choose high quality non-clogging butane you can choose other brands of butane without voiding your Airlighter’s warranty.

Where can I buy Airlighter Fuel?

You can buy Airlighter Fuel from most authorized re-sellers of the Airlighter or right here on our website. Airlighter uses butane fuel, which you can normally find at your local hardware store or super-market.

How many fires can I light when fully recharged?

In total, with a full tank of fuel and a full battery, you can expect about 25-40 fire lightings before you need to recharge. If you like to go all the way from cold-to-cooking as fast as possible then you can expect about 10 fire lightings before needing to recharge.

-To break it down, you will get about 15 minutes of burn time if you fill the Bison to the “MAX” line with Airlighter Fuel. A typical charcoal BBQ requires about 20 seconds of burn time before switching to fan mode.

-In fan mode, you will get 30-35 minutes of strong fan time when the internal battery is fully charged. A typical charcoal BBQ requires about 1 minute of fan time to be fully lit or about 5 minutes before you are ready to cook.

How long does it take to charge the batteries?

A typical re-charge from dead to fully charged is about 6 hours. The Airlighter comes with partly charged batteries so the first charging may take a shorter time.

Is there a warranty?

The Airlighter comes with an automatic 1-year warranty. If you register your product on our website we will upgrade your product to a 2-year warranty for free.

Is it safe to use?

Absolutely. We have taken great care to ensure the Airlighter is safe to use.  It is CPSC compliant to avoid accidental lightings and the materials and make-up of the product are designed to ensure safety.  However, it is not suitable for use by children and should always be used with care.

Can the batteries be replaced?

No. However, you are unlikely to ever need to replace the batteries as they are designed to last for many, many years.

Can it be used for lighting cigarettes or cigars?

No, not without the risk of burning yourself. The Airlighter shoots a really long strong flame and should never be pointed at yourself or others for any reason.

Can I take the Airlighter on an airplane?

The Airlighter’s tank is pressurized when it has fuel inside, which is not allowed on airplanes.  If you plan to travel by air and want to take your Airlighter then please contact us for advice on how to prepare your Airlighter for safe travel.


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