Toasted brioche burger buns
Coleslaw (prepare 1 hour before serving)
2 x 100 gr prime rib burgers
English whiskey cheddar
Pickled red onion
Roasted onions bits
BBQ sauce (of course ZIGGES BBQ original bbq sauce)
Rub (preferably Zigge’s Dream Dust)

Dust your burger patties with a rub of your choice and leave it to the side.
Toast the buns over the coals and then set the buns to the side.
Watch them closely while toasting because brioche buns can burn quickly. 

Grill the two burgers to your preference (Zigge’s choice is Medium)

Well done: internal temperature of 170 °F or 77 °C
Medium: internal temperature of 160 °F or 71 °C
Medium rare: internal temperature of 145 °F or 63 °C

 Remove the burger from the grill and immediately
add cheese to the surface of the hot burger so it melts. 

 Build the burger on your toasted bun. 

-First add coleslaw to the bottom bun
- Add the two burgers with cheese
- Spread the pickles ren onion over the cheese
- Sprinkle on the roasted onion bits
- Add BBQ sauce
- And then smush down the top bun