Sometimes things go wrong and for whatever reason your Airlighter® may no longer work as expected. Sometimes it is something Bison did wrong and sometimes it is something that you did wrong. In any scenario, we like to help and make sure that you are back up and running with a great fire lighting experience.

Airlighter's limited 1-year warranty (models 420 and 520):

If anything goes wrong with your Airlighter®, and it seems to be something Bison did wrong, we will either help you to fix it (90% of issues can be fixed easily over the phone) or we'll refund or replace it if it seems like fixing it is not possible. However, some things we consider the user's fault, not Bison's fault, and these are not covered by the warranty. For instance, don't use your Airlighter as a replacement horse-shoe and throw it great distances. Or, don't leave it in the fire thinking that we've made magical plastic that can't get damaged in burning coals. Your Airlighter should be your trusty best friend by the fire for years to come as long as you don't abuse the relationship.  Don't worry, if you did harm your Airlighter® by accident #whoops then we will still try to help you out. Just reach out to us!

We calculate the expiration date of your Airlighter® by either 1-year from your purchase date (proof of purchase required) or 1-year from when we first shipped the Airlighter® from our warehouse. In other words, if your local dealer had it for a year on their store shelf and you did not provide proof of purchase, then we calculate the expiration date from when we shipped it to the retailer.  We use the latest date possible so it is best for you to register when you make your purchase. If you purchased from the Bison site, then we know when we shipped the Airlighter® to you and the 1-year countdown begins at that point.  Hope that sounds fair and makes sense.

We can only help you if you help us. So, don't forget to go to the product registration page to register today!


Airlighter Fuel:

There is not a whole lot that can go wrong with a can of fuel. Since it is a consumable, we can't offer any special buy-back guarantee with partially used fuel. If for some reason you have a can that you think is faulty, please contact us and we will try help.

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