Picture of Airlighter 520 features corresponding to page text.
Airlighter® 520
let's get started

Your Airlighter® 520 experience starts here, understanding its special features: 1 Air-Cooled Barrel, 2 Flashlight: light your way, 3 Storage Hook and Bottle-Opener, 4 Handle Release Button: choose from three handle positions, 5 Child-Safety Lock, 6 Main Control: forward ignites the flame; backwards activates the fan. 7 Inlet Valve: refill with butane gas. 8 Continuous Button: holds the main Controls to free your hands, 9 Flame Contol: adjusts the flame

Start up your airlighter®

1. Using the included cable, charge the Airlighter® by plugging it into a standard USB charger (e.g. a smart phone charger or computer)

2. The red light indicates that you have a connection and are charging. It turns green when fully charged. A full charge takes about four hours. 

Image of Airlighter 520 charging cable.

3. You need to fill up the Airlighter® with butane gas to power flame mode. Turn your Airlighter so that the inlet valve is facing up. 

4. Align the the refill canister's nozzle with the Refill Valve of the Airlighter® and push firmly downwards for about 5 seconds until fuel starts spitting out from the Refill Valve. The spitting indicated that your tank is full. 


Note: Only refuel with quality butane gas. Bison's Chef Grade Fuel burns cleanly and guarantees against clogging. Available at your local retailer or our website.

Lighting your fire

1. Prepare your fire as you would normally. Speed up the lighting of campfires or fireplaces by using crumpled up paper at the base of the firewood.

2. While sliding the Child-Safety Lock to the right, push the Main Control button forward to ignite the flame. Repeat if it does not immediately light.

Image of Airlighter 520 child-safety button operation.
Image of the blue flame on coals.

3. Touch the blue flame directly to your wood or coal until it is ignited. Try not to touch the metal tip to the wood or coals.

4. Pull the Main Control button back to initiate the fan. Aim the airflow at the ignited spot to spread the heat intil your fire is strong. For a faster experience, hold the tip of the barrel so that it is almost touching the coal.

LIGHTING TIP: Get your grill ready to cook on by continuing on fan mode for 5 minutes or until your grill reaches the desired cooking temperature.

storing your Airlighter®

It is best to store your Airlighter® at room temperature to avoid condensation building up inside the unit. Avoid leaving it outside in direct sunlight for extended perids of time.

It is also best for the longevity of the battery to store the Airlighter fully charged, especially if you don't plan to use it regularly.


Image of grill with fish and meat.