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420 How to use guide

  1. Open the battery door under your Airlighter and insert 3 AA batteries ( either standard or rechargeable ). New batteries will provide over 45 minutes of run time. If you notice the blower slowing down then you know it is time to replace the batteries.
  2. Point your Airlighter downwards, and fill with butane gas through the inlet valve in the handle. Align the canister's supply nozzle with your Airlighter's inlet valve, and rotate a couple of times to establish good seal. Push the fuel can firmly downward for 2-3 seconds bursts ( about 4 times ) until you can hear fuel spitting back. This indicated the tank is full.

     Wait 5 minutes before lighting to ensure any residual butane has vented away. Note: Butane cans with plastic ( not metal ) nozzles seal best. Available at or your local dealer. 





    1.  Prepare your fire as you would normally. Speed up the lighting of heavy or wet wood by using crumpled up paper at the base of the firewood. 
    2. Slide the Child Safety Lock to the right and also push the Front Main Control switch down to ignite the flame. Repeat if it does not immediately light. 
    3. Touch the blue flame directly to your wood or coals. 10-20 seconds is usually enough to establish combustion before activating the blower.
    4. Push the Rear Main Control switch to activate the blower. Aim the airflow at the ignited area to spread the heat until your fire is strong. The closer you hold the barrel to your wood or coals, the faster your fire will spread. 


     LIGHTING TIP: Get your grill ready to cook on by continuing on fan mode for 5 minutes or until your grill reaches the desired cooking temperature.