People enjoying a pool side bbq.

Control flames like a pro

Take your grilling game and fire-pit experience to a whole new level!

Airlighter fire starters have a unique torch flame and air blower combination that provides quick, safe, and reliable fire lighting and helps make the most of your coals from beginning to end.

Ideal for charcoal grills, fire-pits, campfires, fireplaces and more.

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The Starter Pack has everything you need to get going. Includes the Airlighter® 420, fuel and batteries.
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Fire lighting demonstrations
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Airlighters are fire starters for any occasion, indoors and outside. Check it out for yourself. It only takes a minute!
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This is the future... The badass looks are just a bonus.


Immediately becomes dad's best friend.


The Swiss Army Knife of fires.


There isn't a bonfire this lighter can't light.

Akron Ohio Moms

Airlighter takes making a fire to the next level.

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Fire lighting choices from bison®

Picture of an orange Airlighter 420 against a black background point diagonally to the left

Airlighter® 420 - 3 color options

The Airlighter 420 is the faster, cleaner, and safer way to light BBQs, campfires, wood fireplaces and just about any other fire.  It is also a cooking tool for searing meat, or caramelizing sugars and more.

Choose from black, white and orange color options.

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Close-up of the Firedragon brass mouthpiece

Firedragon - More than a Fire poker

The all-purpose Firedragon fire poker tool jets air right where you need it for instant flames and easy fire building. The simple and effective design allows you to sit comfortably three feet away from your fire avoiding smoke in your eyes, singed hair, and all the mess!

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Picture of lit coals on the left and artichoke hearts on the right

Most Frequently asked question

Is an Airlighter® safe to use directly on food?

Absolutely! They use chef grade butane and can be great for searing meats, melting sugars (think creme brulee), browning cheese, warming marshmellows for smores and more. Get creative!

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Head shot image of chef Ziggy

Chef Zigges best burger

We talked to one of our favourite barbecue chefs: Michael "Zigge" Sigurdson from Sweden about his passion for outdoor cooking. He was also kind enough to share a favrourite recipe.

About Zigge
Rustic image of corn on the Cobb in a bowl

New Recipes

We have gathered some of our best recepies that you easily can re-create together with your Airligher, both indoors and outdoors. Let your creativity run free.

Marshmallow being toasted on an open fire

tips for lighting different fires

Getting a fire started reliably either inside or outside requires some technique but is pretty simple once you develop your favourite method. But controlling fires can get a little more advanced than you might realise, especially when controlling temperature becomes important.

Fire methods
Fire and wood smoking in a camping fire pit

Need help with anything?

We're a small passionate team and we're here to help. If you're getting started with your new Airlighter or having troubles with your old unit, we can resolve almost all issues remotely by phone or email.

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