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There are no strangers here. Only friends you haven't yet met.  Willam Butler Yeats.

Our goal is to bring joy to the task of fire-lighting. If we can make this small but important contribution to your fire-side gatherings with friends and family then our mission will have been accomplished.

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New ALL Natural Fire starters
Our new All Natural Pine Resin Fire Starters
are an excellent way to help light your fire.
In combination with an Airlighter
these wood starters make fire lighting
quick and easy!

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All Natural Fire Starters with
the purchase of any Airlighter.
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How to use
Here we have put together a quick
guide so you can start using your
Airlighter to make fires.
Choose your model.
420 520

Fire lighting choices from bison

Airlighter 520 - The original

This is the first model we introduced. It features the patented flame and fan function that all Airlighters include as well as a rechargeable battery, built-in flashlight and 3-position folding handle. Perfect for someone who lights several fires a week. At 20" in length, it is the largest Airlighter available.

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Airlighter 420 - 3 color options

This model is half the volumetric size of the 520. Of course it has the patented flame and fan function that all Airlighters include and runs on 3 x AA batteries. The lighter weight and smaller size make it a great household fire starter and our choise for camping. Available in black, white and orange.

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NEW! All Natural Resin Starters

Harvested from fallen pine trees, these are the best fire starters nature has to offer. We source these from forests in North America which helps to remove fuel that would otherwise feed potential forest fires. In combination with Airlighters, these make fire lighting easy and eco-friendly.

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Most Frequently asked question

Are Airlighters safe to use directly on food?

Absolutely! They use chef grade butane and can be great for searing meats, melting sugars (think creme brulee), browning cheese, warming marshmellows for smores and more. Get creative!

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Chef Zigges best burger

We talked to one of our favourite barbecue chefs: Michael "Zigge" Sigurdson from Sweden about his passion for outdoor cooking. He was also kind enough to share a favrourite recipe.

About Zigge

New Recipes

We have gathered some of our best recepies that you easily can re-create together with your Airligher, both indoors and outdoors.
Let your creativity run free.


tips for lighting different fires

Getting a fire started reliably either inside or outside requires some technique but is pretty simple once you develop your favourite method. But controlling fires can get a little more advanced than you might realise, especially when controlling temperature becomes important.

Fire methods

Need help with anything?

We're a small passionate team and we're here to help. If you're getting started with your new Airlighter or having troubles with your old unit, we can resolve almost all issues remotely by phone or email.

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I got this for my husband for Christmas, and WOW! It really lives up to the advertising. He loves it. It starts the fire with easy and then the blower kicks in and holy instant fire! Worth every penny.

Los Angeles, CA

I love my new Airlighter for starting my Big Green Egg. Great investment.

Atlanta, GA

I saw my son-in-law use this. I was so impressed by this product I just had to have one. Its a great tool for a camper. I lit my campfire and kept it going all day with the Airlighter.

Spring, TX

This is the 3rd Fire Bison I have ordered. It started out with one for my husband for Christmas It was such a hit, we got one for my brother in law this past Christmas. And I have another one as a gift for a friend next time we see him. Its fun and makes starting your fire easier. The fan to help kick your fire in is a bonus.


Wow! This is amazing. It is something I didn’t even know was missing in my life until I received one as a Christmas gift. The only improvement would be if you could charge it instead of just using batteries but overall this is truly one of my favorite things!