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Bison: Igniting Good Times

Fire makers that you never knew you needed.

We make cutting edge fire lighting products that allow people to enjoy genuine moments around a fire or bbq.

The Airlighters utilize a patented torch flame and blower which delivers a powerful combination to make lighting charcoal or wood fun and easy. 

Airlighter's unique torch flame and blower combination provides quick and reliable fire lighting for charcoal and wood. 

Faster, Cleaner, Safer

You can use it indoors and outside to light charcoal BBQs, campfires, fire-pits, wood fireplaces and so much more.

The Perfect Gift For Grill Masters

Patented cordless fire starter for grills, fireplaces, and more. Works with ceramic grills (Kamado Joe, Big Green Egg, Primo) and traditional kettle grills (Weber).

Cordless Lighter, Great For Campers

The only truly portable lighter in its class. Use it anywhere, from the wild to home, without cords, propane tanks, or electric outlets.

Lights Any Type Of Charcoal

Fastest way to heat lump hardwood coal or charcoal briquettes. Flame reaches 2600°F, lighting even wood logs and coconut coals quickly.

Long Lasting, Lights 20+ Fires With Each Charge

Butane tank provides 7-10 minutes of flame (10-15 seconds per start). Blower lasts 45-60 minutes (1-5 minutes per start).

Durable Construction

BISON Airlighters are electric and torch flame fire starters with air-cooled stainless steel barrels for durability. Lasts thousands of lights, backed by a 2-year warranty.

Meet Airlighter 420

Your Airlighter 420 experience starts here, understanding its special features: 1 Air-Cooled Barrel, 2 Storage Hook and Bottle-Opener, 3 Battery Door, 4 Child-Safety Lock, 5 Main Control: forward button ignites the flame and the back button activates the fan, 6 Continuous Button: holds the main Controls to free your hands, 7 Inlet Valve: refill with butane gas, 8 Flame Contol: adjusts flame strength

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easy set-up


Insert 3 AA batteries (standard or rechargeable)


Point downwards, and add fuel until it spits (about 2-4 seconds)


Activate the control switch for a 2600°F torch. Then hit the blower! 

LIGHTING TIP: Get your grill ready to cook in just 5 minutes by maintaining the blower mode.

Adjustable Flame Control

Adjustable flame control helps light fires in any conditions.

Bottle Opener/Storage Hook

Bison's versatile design includes a convenient bottle opener and a sturdy storage hook.


Refillable Fuel Tank

Refillable fuel tank provides 7-10 minutes of burn time.

Battery Life

Built-in blower provides 60 minutes of blower use with fresh batteries. Requires 3x AA batteries.

The Perfect Gift for Father's Day

Experience the Ultimate Fire Lighting Innovation for BBQs, Campfires, and More!


Rapid Fire, Clean Flames, Superior Flavor!

Airlighters are the only fire lighters that combine a torch flame with an air-blower to both ignite and boost your fire. They ignite coals in 10-20 seconds, accelerate your fire to high heat in 1 minute or less, and have you ready to cook in only 5-6 minutes. Enjoy cleaner tasting food and say goodbye to unwanted lighter fluid taste.

Ignite & Cook with Confidence

The Airlighter 420 – your swift, cleaner, and safer solution for igniting BBQs, campfires, wood fireplaces, and beyond. Not just a fire starter, it's also a versatile cooking aid for searing meat and perfecting caramelized treats.

Bison: Flavor-Free, Safe Fires

Say goodbye to lighter fluid flavors with Airlighters. Light and stoke fires effortlessly, whether with charcoal briquettes or lump charcoal. Its air-cooled operation ensures safety, keeping it cool to the touch even after use. Unlike chimney starters or electric alternatives, there's no need to worry about storage - it's safe around pets and children.

Get started with the Airlighter® 420

reviews from our customers

Picture of a black Airlighter 420 against a black background point diagonally to the left

Yes... no doubt it is expensive but for the person who has everything including a fireplace and barbque and who is not proud of being a little klutzy- this is a perfect gift.

John D


A bit expensive but nice to have. Eliminates the need for lighter fluid. This would make a great Fathers Day gift for the dad who likes to grill.


Sarah M.

Picture of a white Airlighter 420 against a black background point diagonally to the left

Purchased the lighter a few weeks ago. We have a wood burning pizza oven. Definitely helps get the fire going.So far works well. I would recommend.

Brian L.

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Picture showing Airlighter 420, 3x AA batteries, and a can of fuel.
Picture of a black Airlighter 420 from side angle.
Picture of a white Airlighter 420 from side angle.
Picture of an orange Airlighter 420 from side angle.
Picture showing Airlighter 420, 3x AA batteries, and a can of fuel.
Picture of a black Airlighter 420 from side angle.
Picture of a white Airlighter 420 from side angle.
Picture of an orange Airlighter 420 from side angle.

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