amazing all in one fire accessory

the firedragon

Fire poker and bellows in one handy tool

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The Firedragon is the best fire poker for fireplaces, fire pits, charcoal grills and camp fires. It's unique time-tested design ensures that your fire gets going easily and never dies.

Instant flames

The Firedragon fire poker jets air precisely where needed, ensuring a boost to flames for easy fire building, saving time and effort every time.


The Firedragon is also equipped with useful prongs allowing for easy turning of logs and raking coals, enhancing your fire management and control capabilities.

durable design

Crafted from black powder-coated steel and featuring a brass mouthpiece, this fire poker has long-lasting durability that can be used for all your fire needs.

safe and comfortable

Long 36” reach keeps smoke from your eyes. Stay mess-free while enjoying a safe fire-building experience by sitting 3 feet away, avoiding bending, burned fingers, smoke, and singed hair.

same design since 2001

time tested design

With thousands of reviews averaging 4.9 stars over the past 20 years, the Firedragon has proven to be useful tool and always makes for a unique gift.



I love this multi-purpose tool! It concentrates my breath to start fires faster, it allows blowing from a distance resulting in less smoke in my eyes, and it has two prongs instead of one which is more effective for turning wood in a fire.

Darrow C.

If you love fun tools, buy this product. I cannot say it enough. It's a crowdpleaser and SO helpful.
Sincerely, a firetender with 13 years of experience creating fires with the Firedragon.

Dee D.

So the first one I saw, my son had years ago on a family campout. He got me one for xmas. Great camping tool. But we keep leaving it at home at the fire ring. So the answer was to get another that now stays in the RV. So much better than on your knees burning your face.

Mark G.

Love my new fire dragon poker! Finally used it the other night for the first fire of the season! My neighbors loved it too! Can’t wait to take this camping! The blow feature worked amazingly, just as other reviewers had raved about this, I get it now why they were so impressed! Just a few blows into the mouth piece and the fire came to life!

Paula G.

This thing is fantastic! We were camping once and the wood was damp. I was able to get a flame and then use this to circulate air at the heart of the small fire. It didn't take long before I had a full blaze going thanks to this neat fireplace tool.

David W.

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