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Zigges Burgers

What is your first memory of BBQ-ing and what made it special? How old were you? 
My first grill/bbq experience was during the Boy Scouts about 7 years old. We were grilling hotdogs over open fire and I just loves it.
Do you have any secrets that you can share to help folks who want to make their own rubs at home?
I would says start with something simple. A base of salt, pepper and garlic and and what you like and work it out from that simple base. They often say
less is more and that’s for a reason.
Do you have a proudest grilling moment?
My proudest memory must be when I grilled 400 burgers with à friend to give to a charity organisation, Cancerfonden.
They raise money for cancer research. That moment really made
my proud.

Zigges Burger Delux
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