Michael "Zigge" Sigurdson is a world class BBQ rub creator. His rubs have been used by four winning teams at the Swedish BBQ Championships and once to win first prize at the World Championship in the ribs category. We love his rubs and his burgers! Like many of us, Zigge’s first experience with a flame was at Boy Scouts when he was six, grilling hot dogs over an open fire. That primal experience gave birth to a lifelong passion for cooking with fire.

His interest in BBQ-ing has led him to cook to raise funds for Sweden’s cancer research foundation, Cancerfonden, cater for celebrity athletes, and grill for the President of World BBQ Association.

Zigge’s rub-making tips:

They say ‘less is more’ for a reason - Michael "Zigge" Sigurdson. Here’s a tip from Zigge to get started with making your own rubs:

Start simple. Use a base of salt, black pepper and powdered garlic. From there, start working in some different flavors. 

You can’t go too wrong so be creative!