Choose the Airlighter that is best for you

There are two Airlighter models available; the Airlighter 520 and Airlighter 420.  They light fires equally as fast, although there are some differences that are worth considering.  

Most of the time, there are two things to consider when choosing which Airlighter are

  • How often are you lighting fires?
  • Where will you be using it most?

How often are you lighting fires (not candles, but real wood or charcoal)?

As a general rule, we advise that if you light two or more fires each week then you will probably prefer the Airlighter 520.  It has a slightly stronger blower than the Airlighter 420 and the built-in USB rechargeable battery is very convenient.  

If you are lighting one fire or less per week then the Airlighter 420 is generally all you need.

Where are you planning to use it?

EVERYDAY AROUND THE HOUSE (INSIDE AND OUT).  Then either unit is fine.  The Airlighter 520 is considerably larger but has the convenience of being rechargeable.  The Airlighter 420 is small enough to fit into most drawers when you're not using it but requires AA batteries after an hour of use.

CAMPING.  The Airlighter 420 takes up half the space and is a bit lighter, making it our choice for camping or in the RV.

COMPETITION BBQ and TAILGATING.  Either unit is fully portable and works well for lighting grills, smokers, ceramic grills and barrel cookers.  The Airlighter 520 is our choice but the Airlighter 420 has the advantage of using AA batteries so can just add new batteries if you find it is low.

If you need further help choosing the Airlighter that is best for you then we are happy to help.  You can call us on (845) 477 5049 or email